Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mamma Breaks Free!

Well, wouldn't you know it was easy peasy getting hubby boo to listen, all I had to do was speak. Sometimes I think I operate on the assumption that its very obvious what's going on inside my head. But it really isn't. Some more complicated and female - sheesh!

So after a little outpouring hubby boo took care of Baby Two while I went to the office, picked up Baby One, took them for lunch, spent the afternoon with them till I finally joined them at 6pm for an early dinner.

What did I do those few hours alone? I finished a half hour sitcom script which had been due for two weeks. Admittedly, the story had been germinating for some time so it was just a matter of putting it onto paper. But the best thing about it was being able to write selfishly, on my own time, and not stopping every few minutes to wonder why the house was suddenly so silent. Grateful for the respite and the opportunity to do my own thing on my own time, my murky mood of the last day or two disappeared and I felt an incredible lightness and a surprising emotional gratitude.

Yeah, it was only for one day, but what a difference in my outlook. I deal with my children so much more effectively and pleasantly, whereas before I was gruff and impatient.

So anyway, today I have a shoot during which Panini was supposed to come babysit the girls. However due to some problems she can't and so I have to find other alternatives. Of course, the trusty ole family, especially hubby boo's kind (and talented, both with her voice and her crafts) and beautiful sister Fifa (all names have been changed to protect identities, and her hubby is a great football fan) has yet again saved the day for me. So kiddies will be at their cousins' and I shall have another few hours to do my own thing.

I like, totally subscribe to the "ask and you will get" philosophy, dude! If I had asked for help sooner instead of anticipating someone would notice my (inner) turmoil, I might not have had to go through that inner turmoil...

Anyway, still think girls rule! Yes, boys, just smile and nod...

Lovey, C

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Unknown said...

Sometimes, the worst is only in our heads...Lucky you for having such an understanding bunch around you!


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