Monday, August 14, 2006

Bully Boy Does It Again!

Late in the morning and I'm still pumped from the Awards night. Afdlin Shauki was nominated for about ten different categories and came away with Awards for Best Original Story and Best Actor. (Baik Punya Cilok and Buli Balik respectively).

May I say to Mr Afdlin Shauki that he rocks my world and the world of the Malaysian Film Industry? Baby, you rock my world and the world of the Malaysian Film Industry! I am particularly proud of his achievement of Best Actor because Buli Balik was the rounding out of what started as an immensely personal project. Kudos to the team who have supported him, including Shima and the crew, Priscilla and everyone else at Vision Works.

Afdlin Shauki is living proof that Malaysian films can be commercially-viable, critically acclaimable AND hugely popular all at the same time, without having any other agenda than to entertain, evoke thoughts and emotions, and enrich the audience's lives, if only for that two hours in the cinema.

Gubra received Best Film and Best Actress went to Sharifah Amani, who made a comment which sent a murmur of dissent through the crowd. Oooooo, was that an insult to the dignitaries present? Make no mistake - hers were the words of pride in the filmic arts and the passion of someone who loves what she does and the IDEA of what this industry of ours could be.

And may I point out that noone got upset at the break-time showing of scenes from Remp-It showing half-naked people to the people who got upset about the Pussycat Dolls! Forget Amani's sentiment - look at the integrity of her statement: that good films should be made, despite what the limits of "culture" are supposed to be. A brave girl and I hope she weathers the storm with as much gusto as she creates them!

Love to all,


dJ phuturecybersonique said...

please convery my heartiest congratulations to your hubby boo and the team! i sincerely believe that there'll be more recognition of his work and of vision works' in the years to come!

speaking of sincerity, i take my hat off to ms. amani for her provocative call to the industry to make more movies that "pollute the culture". (though i really do think she could have spared that comment about sounding stupid in her mother tongue and just got on with the rest of her acceptance speech, but that's another thing altogether) far too many local movies just shove values down our throats in a preachy manner without giving any headroom for the audience to chew and digest the issue being put forward.

as for the hypocrisy and double standards about half naked people, let's just hope common sense prevails when it comes to sumo-lah! with the cast in mawashis and all, it's bound to be a massive "wayang kulit"! :))

mamasan said...

haha! "Saksikan kehebatan Sumolah di punggung wayang yang terdekat anda"!

Anonymous said...

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