Friday, April 28, 2006

Idol Chatter

Alas, one more faced the chopping block and this week, Pickler went home. So we are left with almost the top five I predicted when it all started!!

Katherine, Taylor, Mandisa and Chris Daughtry were who I chose, and all but one remain (I know Paris is still hanging on, but I reckon next week she's out)

Elliott is a pleasant surprise, I am really glad he made it this far. I really like those four, and it will hurt when the 3 runners up have to leave.

What is my prediction for the final line up (this week only - next week i will make another prediction)?

Paris will go next, then Elliott, then Taylor, then Chris. Katharine is going to win. Though Chris has mucho charisma, he can't quite sing like Katharine. Besides, every single guest so far have loved her voice (and I'm sure the baby-fat/siren combo package helps)

Besides what's been going on with my telly life, things have really kicked in for Los Dan Faun, and I'm starting to enjoy just being the money lady and not doing much else.

Though I have to say my job was never done without the help of Shima, who knows a lot more about film-making than me, and Priscilla, who has a handle on money matters like you wouldn't believe. Thanks to them, I didn't crash when I could have and I suppose now I should take them to dinner or something ("money will do!" I hear a faint cry)

THis week was chockers, but I managed to catch up with Eddie Poo while he was on set at Los Dan Faun (check out the website on

Over a year ago I played Gertrude in a Bahasa version of Hamlet. I enjoyed every minute of it, but looking back, I realise it would have been so much more satisfying performance wise to have done it in English. Even Jit Murad had a tough time reviewing me without resorting to lying! (see

But I loved the experience and the cast and all. THere was a point when the director Faridah Merican tried to get Adlin Aman Ramlie to act again in it, but this time not as Hamlet, but as Claudius, Gertrude's husband, and I was really excited about that, but then he was too busy. Actually, thank goodness because then I wouldn't have to look back and cringe at my terrible bahasa (Reza Zainal Abidin, who ended up playing Claudius, was the only lead role who was a natural born Malay, but he's such a sweetie doll, even when he's criticising you it's fun)

So it was fun to see Adlin camp it up as the Sultan of Melaka, and now, be the serious geek in Los Dan Faun (though really, he's still camping it up!)

We're halfway through the movie, taking a break tomorrow, which is AIM night. I had a suit made, which I haven't had a fitting for, and if I don't get it tomorrow, well, you'll be seeing me in some black outfit again. And I've hurt both my knees, so I am debating the pros and cons of my three inch heels.

Huge debate on INside My Head, which some are turning into a huge semantics game. ALthough I get all riled up about it, enough to comment, now I feel exhausted by it. When will it all end? It doesn't seem that important. I have a bit of a headache from being indoors too long, and that seems so much more important!

TIme for beddy byes.

Good nite.


ontahsapo said...

mama, nak tanya sket, actorlympics tu, bila afdlin on? nak booking tiket ni..kalau bleh nak day yg dia ader...


Anonymous said...

erm.. nice blog la mamasan... hehe.. anyway, dah laama nak contact bro afdlin.. mana la tau kalau2 ade kerja yg sesuai.. isk isk.. feel free to visit my blog ek mama

mafiaries said...

hey, you're right la (on picking who's out in AI)..
there goes my Paris...

Flocy C said...

Are u a Sabahan?

mamasan said...

i am, though i haven't been home for so long and i can't speak the language! sya keturunan orang lotud dari tuaran bah...


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