Friday, March 17, 2006

american idol, next top model, project runway and loving mother earth

The lyrics to one of my favourite songs:

Sweet Harmony
by The Beloved

Is it right or wrong
Try to find a place
We can all belong,
Be as one?

Try to get on by
If we unify,
We should really try.
All this time

Spinning round and round
Make the same mistakes
That we've always found,
Surely now

We could move along
Make a better world
No, it can't be wrong-

Let's come together
Right Now
Oh Yeah
In Sweet Harmony x4

Time is running out
Let there be no doubt
We should sort things out
If we care

Like we say we do
Not just empty words
For a week or two
Make the world

Your priority
Try to live your life
Play a part

In a greater scheme
Try to live the dream
On a wider scene


I love this song, not just because of its lovely, slightly hippy but also techno-electropop sound, but because it speaks of a wider state of mind, that of tolerance and responsibility. If we all practise it day by day, this would be a better world (ugh, how trite!Yet how true!) Seriously, though, a little patience and reservation of judgment goes a long way, though it does need to be balanced with proactivity and standing up for good principles!

A bit of a war of words has erupted on Afdlin's site because of his comments about another actor's comments. Personally I think this particular actor's comments are a reflection of his vanity. There is a possibility that he did not realise just how insulting his words were, but whether that is true or not, it is obvious he has certain thoughts about himself that border on megalomania.

What gets to me is people telling Afdlin he shouldn't be so rude and straightforward. But those same people never went up to Rosyam and said, "Excuse me, can you not go about giving back-handed insults to your peers?" It makes a mockery of the whole idea of blogging - being able to have your say.

Anyway, on to the subject of this post - all things trite and TV. I have been keeping up with American Idol and boy, does it irritate me that we have to sit through all the crappy singers for another 6 weeks before we get to the meat of the competition! I have already identified my shortlist of male and female singers, and here it is:

MALES - Silver-haired Taylor and the rocker bald guy. Though I like Ace, he needs a real boost. I think his hair is holding him back. I like Elliot Yamin too, but I don't think he will last tto long. The long blond-haired country hick and little chicken spectacles guy better drop soon or I'm gonna go ballistic on my already-highly-strung opinion of the General American Psyche (or what I like to call the GAP - how Americans seem to present themselves to the rest of the world, when really we all know people are the same everywhere, and they do have good, nice, smart people too, despite the GAP)

FEMALES - Mandisa and Katherine (the longhaired brunette). Though there are talented younger ones in there, they annoy the hell out of me. Lisa, who looks a little odd, and Paris, oooo! she gets my goat! I wish I had the generosity of spirit to just appreciate their enormous talent, but I can't get past how rambunctious they are. I feel really disgusted with myself for saying this but I wish they would just act their age and stop being sanctimonious and adult. I wanna see them sing and dress like 16 year olds, not be preachy about doing the right thing and all.

From Idol to Idle - has anyone out there been watching Fashion Avenue? Isn't it the most delicious waste of time? Jodie Kidd and a friend going shopping, where the biggest challenge is staying under their meagre 500dollar budgets (oh, horror!). Love it, love it!

And then, Project Runway. This really is a dream programme, one where you get competition, creativity, anxiety and soap opera development all the way through! I love Jay and Kara Saun, who have managed to stay above the petty politics (oh, yes, it does happen within the sewing room ) and focus on their creativity. I absolutely loathe Wendy Pepper, who is a two-faced yuck who should have gone weeks ago, but has managed to dig in those claws and climb over the backs of better ones. This week, poor Robert Plotkin the Talentless One with the Charm, finally left. I really don't know how he stayed for so long either, but at least he was nice, if a little dim-witted.

Wanna Be on Top?

Naima, Kahlen, Keenyah, Christina and Brittany remain. I wish Keenyah would up and choke. Christina, sad to say, though very nice, looks constantly startled. Brittany is a hoot and I hope she becomes a spokesperson for 4X Beer or something - fun, raucous but with a good heart. I love love love Kahlen and Naima, and yes I do know who wins, I just wish more than one girl could get the prize.

I haven't blogged in a while, and i wish i had more meaningful things to write about, but this stuff really rocks my tv world right know, and i have to get it out of my system!!

So I suppose you'll know where I am monday, wednesday and thursday nights....

Lovey, C


Unknown said...

I can't say I understand the pain of hearing that particular comment thrown at you, but I do argue that afdlinshauki.blogspot is a mere blog anymore. It has been now a hub for his fans to converge, share inputs and outputs, much like a fan club's website. The only thing that makes it a blog, is the format and it's hosted by a blog host.

So, I stand by my thoughts that the way he did it, no matter how right he is, is wrong.

You see, if you said anything in your blog, it would not matter for many, as they do not accessed it, or simply ignore it. however, in a high profile blog like his, something like that may make his fans lost respect for him.

the reason we (there are several ppl who agrees with me or i agree with them) said "Excuse me, can you not go about giving back-handed insults to your peers?" was so he don't make the same mistake RN did. yes, he can say anything about him, but the best way was to omit the name, and just give some hints. I'm sure most would get it. direct insults are like those chain emails created to create hate and panic.

If you ever loathe a political party for insulting the other party in a rally, or ceramah, i believe you'd understand what i feel about this thing.

Anonymous said...

chris, i love chris daughtry and ace young too.. ace is so HOT!!! heehee.. especially when he sang tht butterflies 2 weeks ago.. alamaaaakkk.. sungguh mengiurkan!! *drooling* and yeah, i think he wont stay tht long in the competition tho.. see la how!!

as for project runaway, i love austin.. he reminds me of carson of the fab five (queer eye for the straight guy) so sweet and soft.. but i think kara saun is very talented..

and as for ANTM, naima is ma fav, tho kahleen is so sweet.. she reminds me of meg ryan with long hair.. ive downloaded ANTM season 4 like 3 months ago.. now am watching ANTM 5 and 6.. yeahhhh.. the power of torrent technology huh!!! heehee..

mamasan said...

well, i have downloaded antm from youtube - crappy, but worth the pain! still, not enough of season 5 to warrant continuing, boo hoo!

lizzam, just to clarify, what i meant was that it seems nobody has made a fuss and asked RN, "can you not go about giving back-handed insults to your peers", not Afdlin.

anyway, we can go on and on about who said what first. I just wanted to point out that no one who has been upset about afdlin's rant seems to be upset with RN, enough to point out that he should keep his opinions to himself. but because afdlin is being honest, he is getting loads of comments along the vein of "keep your opinions to yourself".

just a thought.


Unknown said...

hmm...I've read that several times, but I just have to ask. If afdlin have a blog, then how are we going to have a say-so with RN? if he do have a simple enough means for his fans or somebody to voice out something, as Afdlin do, then he might have been fired by these ketidakpuashatian peminat.

if there are, then I'm sure am not an RN's fan as I don't know about it.


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