Wednesday, January 4, 2006

countdown to hell, i mean health

Today I had 4 cigarettes. By the end of the day I will probably have another 4. A few weeks ago I was smoking almost a pack a day.

I am trying to cut down. Side effects: I get cranky without one. When I do have one, now that I have fewer a day, I get really tired after.

I quit for almost two months in August, but put on weight eating chocolates instead.

By March, I want to be smoke-free. By my calculations, if I average 10 a day now, I need to cut down that figure at a rate of 1 to 2 cigarettes a week, till I reach zero come March 1.

Hopefully that won't mean a reduction in personability, kindness and general human-ness on my part.

And now, some pictures from 2005: Christmas tree and presents; Actorlympics warm-up session 5 minutes before the audience came in and fork in the wall at Parliament roundabout.

Lovey, C


Anonymous said...

Good Luck on the ciggies!! you can do it..!!! gambatte kudasai mamasan.. yoshhhh...

groovy xmas tree btw..!!

pye:rudz said...

i once quit for a year. that was back in 1996. but then, i'm only human. the bad habit invaded me again in 1997... until now. tried to quit, but never could. reduce? am trying hard.
katakan TAK NAK pada rokok! (yeah, right heheh)


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