Sunday, December 18, 2005

my mother my hag

A few months ago I was changing my pillow cases when my daughter said to me, "Ma, why do you look like this when you change the pillows?"

Then she made a face much like the screamer in Edward Munch's "The Scream".

I just fell about laughing, and she's been very kindly exhibiting my pillow-changing expression to everyone she meets. I really do make that face when I hold a pillow under my chin while I pull its cover up.

Lovey, C


NuiN said...

Chris, came across your blog while 'lepaking' around at Patrick's blog..Haha i can imagine how funny it is when ur daughter make a face of u changing the pillow i experienced my young cousin imitating the way i walk!Kids are definitely adorable in their own ways...


ladynina said...

so cute..
they are adorable..

Unknown said...

That was funny. She must've observed you for quite sometimes.

mamasan said...

yes, I think she was watching me, kind of like studying an animal, for quite a while, because I was changing six pillow cases...


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